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Sound libraries

TalkBot uses 2 types of sound libraries;

.SL files These are the proper sound library files and can be edited, they let you add or remove sounds and change sound settings etc. This is generally what is called a "sound library". If you distribute in .SL format other people can edit and improve your library or compile sounds from different libraries into their own.

.BTL files are the same sound libraries, after encoding into BTc 1bit format. The .BTL file is the file that is downloaded directly into TalkBotBrain. Since a .BTL is made from a .SL you generally have the same library in both forms; the .SL you can edit and the encoded .BTL for loading into TalkBot. If you distribute in .BTL format people can play your library in their TalkBot but there is no easy way for them to edit or extract sounds.

To create or edit sound libraries you need this free software; BTc Sound Encoder v3.0

Speech libraries

This is the sound library from the TB_TalkTemp Talking Thermometer project. Contents 33 spoken sounds; "0-9", "10-19","20-90","degrees","point", "minus","and","hundred". It is a male computer voice (text to speech). BTL encoding was done using algorithm 1.5, fineness 16.

** more libraries coming soon! **

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